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smmc ([personal profile] smmc) wrote2009-04-28 12:45 am

Pancakes for the lazy

On Sundays, we like waffles and pancakes around here. Generally, I use my own tried and true recipe that's tucked away in my favorites here on LJ. It's a modified version of a gourmet magazine recipe I got off food network's site several years ago.

It isn't really time consuming to make, but it uses a lot of butter (6 tablespoons. Don't worry, that's split amongst -a lot- of pancakes or at least 10-12 waffles), and buttermilk powder, which can both be a little costly ($2.59-$2.79lb for butter and $2.99 for a container of buttermilk powder). Though the buttermilk powder will last me far longer than a quart of buttermilk would, since it would go bad before I finished using it.

Anyways, the gist of this is, they can be costly to make if I'm making them more than once a week. Which, during the summers, I'm more likely to do because it's easy to feed 5 kids with one batch of batter. Yes, I acquire 3 extra kids during the summers since I watch a friend's older kids then too.

Recently, this has lead me to experiment with Krusteaze's buttermilk pancake batter mix. This is just... mix + water. Or Mix+water+oil for waffles (because waffles can dry out more, they need oil for moistness). They taste decent enough. Way way way better than bisquick (BLECH!), but not as good as my from scratch ones.

But they will do. Oh yes, they will, for feeding monsters. A 2lb box at the store ran $1.95. At Sams, I can get a 10lb bag for $6 and some change.

Heck, thismorning, it made it easy to fill the request for pancakes from the youngest, when I wasn't in the mood for them myself. 1C mix, 3/4c water, and a tbls of oil. 5 pancakes later, pyrex measuring cup is empty.

Whooops. Where'd that come from? Oh yeah.

Sunday, first experiment with batter. By the third pancake, the batter was starting to stick to my -very well seasoned- cast iron griddle. *adds a little oil to remaining batter* Ah, there we go. Much better. I suppose this wouldn't be an issue if you use non-stick pans. But we don't.

Overall opinion: Thumbs up to Krusteaze. Already -love- their lemon bar mix. Mmmm. Pancakes aren't up to par with that, but they're decent.

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